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Meet Channel176

​​Channel176 is a full-fledged production and brand management agency that has all the resources to bring your imagination to life. Our wide spectrum of services ranges from audio and video production, and social media marketing, influencer marketing, and brand management.
We Listen - We Understand - We Create animated graphics

We have an extremely competent team of creators with commendable experience wading through the changing demands of the digital landscape. Strong leadership with a client-first approach and end-to-end production capability is the uniqueness of this company.

One Stop Solution

Our Vision

To bring imaginations and ideas to life in the form of compelling content, video, audio formats and help clients scale through high-performance digital marketing solutions.

Our Mission

Everyone Grows
To upgrade the media industry; every business, client, and our own employees who are skilled artisans to gain recognition and succeed in the digital era.

Why We Rock

Channel176 Values Infographics

What makes us Different

Collaborating with us offers significant cost savings for your company. All of our brand management and web development solutions are reasonably priced. Our experts leave no stone unturned in order to maximize the value of every cent invested in the development. We are a very transparent agency. When we build a proposal for a potential client, we always include a full estimated breakdown of time required to complete a project.
Digital advertising is a confluence of art and science.
We marry the art of good creativity and strategy with the science of algorithms.
Innovative Workforce
We totally understand that a thinking mind is the main forte of a digital marketing agency. Hence we have cherry-picked people who can think the avant-garde and possess a larger vision.
Out of The Box Ideas
We are dedicated to producing significant, impactful, and yet novel ideas.
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Our Incredible Clients

Channel176 Family

Tapan Gupta


A leader with vision and strategy to sail through complexities with ease. Believes in growth for all and drives result with passion. When not working you can find him on gaming consoles or wandering in some adventure sport.

Tapasya Gupta


The only boss lady any team would ever need to get everyone back to work when boys can't stop chilling and girls can't stop gossiping. Her personal as well as professional life revolves around food. She has over 10 years of experience in this industry.

Amit Deondi


A magnificent artist with 17 years of experience in the animation and audio -recording industry. He is a self made writer, director, voice- actor, story-teller and what not ! He is an extraordinary mentor, nature lover for whom spirituality is the essence of living

Ranjit Ravindran

IT Specialist & Web Developer

A tech geek whose day starts waking up with his gadgets and sleeps alongwith the same. He started with repairing devices to becoming a web developer specialist and the learning still goes on.

Suyash Pitale

Audio Engineer

Musician by heart and audiophile by passion.

Kaustubh Bhole


A visualizer who captivates minute details and creates his own attractive visuals with techincal expertise and out of the box thinking.

Priya Chile

Graphics Specialist

A designer whose smile is as captivating as her color palette and designs are. Reflection of her joyousness, patience and elegance is evident in her designs. All her mind and heart craves for is a coffee.

Rohan Sawant

Video Specialist

A silent, dedicated man who travels 6 hours a day to deliver perfection at work took a leap of faith in himself and turned his hobby of video editing into full time career.

Shraddha Pedamkar


A finance enthusiast with a positive demeanor who also have equal passion for new clothing trends and dance.

Ajinkya Marchande

Content Manager

His talent for visual creativity fuels his passion, and every moment of his life is filled with lights, camera, and action!

Adarsh Soni

Web Developer

A tech enthusiast with the greed of learning & connecting new technologies and making ease for the world.

Laxman Salvi

Audio Engineer

He is like a painter, but with sounds. He creates feelings using different noises —sometimes calm, sometimes wild.

Pranav Pokharkar

Full Stack Developer

Full-stack web developer who codes with flair and tackles challenges head-on, both in the digital realm and on the athletic field, living the code-run-repeat mantra.

Vaishnav Vesuvala

Audio Engineer

He designs sound for work and play with beats, voices, and tunes for fun—every day's a mixtape of an art and technology.

Deepak Mandal

Office Assistance

Always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, and his friendly and cheerful attitude make him a pleasure to work with. Perfect choice for any job that needs to be done quickly and efficiently with a big smile always on his face.

Our in-house Brands

Channel176 Productions Private Limited is an Audio Video Production House and Brand Management Company. We are one stop solution all your business expansion needs which includes services like audio production, video production, digital marketing & paper content creatives.
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